1 Leadership Lesson From “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 5

1 Leadership Lesson From “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 5

Henry Ford argued with his right-hand man, Couzens. Couzens left. Yet the company still managed to forge ahead and reach all time highs with Ford at the helm.

This showed me that you don’t always need the CFO, COO type person to help you run the company as much as you think you do if the systems are all put in place well.

Of course I think I would prefer it if, as CEO, I could split the responsibilities of running a company with the CFO, COO positions because it would allow more eyes and more brains to observe and implement plans of action.

It would also give employees more “higher-ups” to talk to about their problems or improvement ideas.

The Take-Away

No man is an island. And he shouldn’t think that he is irreplaceable. From this chapter, I took away that even the some of the highest-up personnel can leave and a company will still do just fine. So stop worrying about who will be in your company and keep forging on with your dream! Everything will be alright if you just keep working at it. Action will invite opportunity into your life.

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