1 life lesson from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 6

1 life lesson from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 6

Even super rich and powerful people make mistakes sometimes, Henry Ford, not withstanding.

During World War 1, he rented a big boat and had a group of people go to Europe to try and promote peace to end the war. This trip was lambasted and made fun of by the press all over America for being foolish.

He got sick during the voyage and when the boat landed his Norway, he left his constituents there and went home, embarrassed because he realized it wasn’t going to amount to much.

The constituents were eventually picked up and supported by the local European governments. This short little story showed me that even rich and powerful people make mistakes based on their preconceived ideologies.

It showed me that sometimes, rich and powerful people don’t always have all the answers and that we shouldn’t see their richness and powerfulness as the “end-all, be-all” answers to everything.

We shouldn’t expect anyone to come in and save us from ourselves, in the end, we have to be the one to save us from ourselves.

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