1 thing I learned from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 1

1 thing I learned from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 1

After listening to some inspirational Youtube videos and hearing about how successful people read many books a year, I decided to take it upon myself to read more. Not just more fiction books but more business, entrepreneurship, finance, and leadership books.

So I took a good hard look at my bookshelf and picked up “The Legend of Henry Ford” by Keith Sward. You can get the book off Amazon for a couple of bucks by clicking on this sentence.

So far, it’s a good book that gets right to the point, written in simple prose.

What I found really amazing was that Henry Ford went to work at the age of 26 as a mechanical engineer and worked in the same company for 11 years before starting to develop his automobile and before trying to start his own company.

ELEVEN YEARS! What I took away from this chapter was that even though sometimes I might feel bothered by how old I think I am or what job I will work in the future, if my life will go anywhere, if I’ll be financial secure, etc.etc., it helped me to be reminded that one of the richest and greatest businessmen of all time worked one job for 11 years, supporting his wife and family, before venturing out and trying to start his own company.

I’m 25 now. Henry Ford was about 37-39 years old when he started his company.

Having read that chapter helped me put a lot of life into perspective that while things might seem rough now or you’re currently not where you want to be, it’s okay. Just keep persevering and keep going at it, like Henry Ford did, and eventually, ideally, everything will work out.

Jack the Dreamer, over and out!

P.S. Order the book here on Amazon and share with us your thoughts!

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