1 thing I learned from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 2

1 thing I learned from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 2

Henry Ford wanted to create a car for the common man. He could have kept making luxury cars only for the well to do people and he could have kept making good money at it, but deep down, he wanted to make a car for the farmers, the average workers, etc. the type of people he remembered and interacted with while growing up on the farm.

And when his company made the Ford model T aimed toward this middle class, it was priced lower than the current luxury cars, and sold like hot cakes. He made millions.

So the business lesson I took away from this was that I should know my target demographic, know the product that would benefit them, and know the price point that they would buy it at.

The more people I can sell my product to, the more money I stand to make overall from the volume.

Applying this to you,  if your goal is to create something that would benefit society as a whole, destiny is by your side. The cheaper car allowed the average person to get to where they wanted to be faster, it allowed them to cover more ground, do more things. It allowed for humanity to live to its greater potential.

And when you allow for humanity to express itself and reach its greater potential, you win, the people win, society wins, humanity wins.

Life will be better because of you and what you did.

Thank you,

Jack The Dreamer, over and out!

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