2 things I learned from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 3

2 things I learned from “The Legend of Henry Ford” Chapter 3

1) Henry Ford always gets the credit for his mass production assembly line that revolutionized the car industry and industry as a whole. But what people don’t usually hear about is how in reality, it was a handful of men who worked tirelessly to analyze every part of the production process to minimize wasted movements, energy, and inputs. They invested millions of dollars in machines and training to increase production and make more money from the product turn-around.

2) Henry Ford had Couzens. Couzens was the financial guy who worked behind the scenes while Ford went off and cross-pollinated ideas across various departments at Ford Motor Company. Much like Walt Disney had his brother Roy Disney who managed the finances, in the Disney company, ex-CEO Eisner had Wells who was the finance and behind-the-scenes guy, and the current CEO of Disney, Bob Iger had Tom Staggs.

The Take-Away

1) So what I took away from this chapter was that behind the greatness, there was a great team who helped put it all together. Ford had a great team of engineers who worked tirelessly to see his vision through, to make his vision a reality. Ford got all the credit in the end but reading this chapter reframed Ford’s success in my mind. It also taught me that if I’m going out there to pursue a worthwhile cause, whatever it may be, that I can’t do it alone. Man is not an island and he should not think that he is.

We could all use a little or a lot of help while pursuing our goals, visions, and dreams. If Henry Ford can have a team to help him, why can’t you?

2) Also, every functional and good company has a CEO who has ideas and concepts and went around pollinating these ideas within the company, usually keeping up morale, etc. And working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all work was another guy, usually the CFO or COO or both, who managed the company’s finances and operations to make sure there’s still a company left standing at the end of the day.

This would be something for me to apply to when/if I start my own company or end up leading a company, that I would need a someone who can help handle the finances and operations. And I understand this applies to you if you’re looking to be the CEO type-person at the top of your company. Or if you’re looking to be CFO or COO, then you can apply this concept as well and find a CEO you can get behind.

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