3 Reasons to consider with Gender #PayGap

This Wall Street Journal article talked about how even among higher level executives, the pay gap based on gender is about 10%, with men making more and women making less.

But let us not forget the other research out there that:

1) Some women in the workforce tend to take more time off to take care of children or their families and this reflects in the the amount of hours they work and therefore the amount of money they make.

2) This can also affect them years down the the road and they end up earning less in wages because of less work experience.

3) Men tend to ask for more raises, as shown in this Harvard Business Review article.

This Freakonomics article talks about this. That the apparent pay gap is usually based on the previous experience and usually based on the flexible schedules that some women need in order to take care of their children and family, which reflects in the pay.

Not picking a side, I just wanted you guys to be aware that there’s more at play than what the news makes it out to be 🙂

Jack the Dreamer, over and out!


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