3-Year Financial Goal Calendar 1.0 (Beta Test)

3-Year Financial Goal Calendar 1.0 (Beta Test)

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Here’s the PDF you can download for the one page, 3-Year Financial Goal Calendar. Keep in mind, it’s in beta testing so I would appreciate any feedback, comments, critiques to making it better. Thank you! The idea is for it to help you achieve your financial goals by showing you a blueprint laid out one singular piece of paper so you can physically see yourself getting closer to your goals and your dreams.

Click this link below to download:

Download PDF “3 Year Financial Goal Calendar”

A picture of what it’ll look like:

3 Year Financial Goal CalendarHow to use: 

I recommend you print it out and put it on your vision board. A vision board is a board  you see every day and it has images and goals (visions) that you want to reach and you strive to make your vision a reality each and every day. I recommend having a physical print-out because you can see it everyday. Whereas with a file in your computer, you’re not going to see it everyday. You can handwrite in the months as they go.

The green bars are for total worth of assets that you have. This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash in checking and savings accounts, etc. Anything that is either money or helps you generate money is an asset. For example, I had a friend who rented out her cows in New Zealand to dairy farmers. Because the farmers were responsible for taking care of the cows and paying the rental, she considered her cows an asset that generated her money.

The red bars are for liabilities. A liability is anything that costs you money on a repeated basis. That includes the mortgage that you’re paying on your house, Netflix, wifi, cellphone plan, car insurance, etc. You get the idea.

The goal

Aim to keep increasing your assets while either lowering your liabilities or keeping it the same. Once the income from your assets generates more monthly income than the costs of your liabilities, than you’ve reached financial independence. Simple right? Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!

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