How To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset With A Splurge Account

How To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset With A Splurge Account

How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset With A Splurge Account

I recently read The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, a multimillionaire businessman and inspirational speaker, where he talked about giving yourself a splurge account to cultivate an abundance mindset.

What’s the purpose of a splurge account?

To be completely spent each month on doing things that make you feel rich.

Man in a vest looking rich with cigar and phone to cultivate an abundance mindset
To some, it might look like this, lol


To cultivate an abundance mindset to get you feeling rich.

“But it seems counter-intuitive,” you might say. “Why would I spend money just to feel rich, without actually being any richer? Wouldn’t it be better if I just save and invest that money instead?”

You bring up a good point.

However, Eker mentions how people who overdo it when it comes to saving money end up focusing all of their attention on saving money.

Then, the pent-up emotions bubble up from deep down and they end up spending money that could equal what they have saved.

volcano to represent pent up emotions from not cultivating an abundance mindset
when you have pent up emotions

This way of thinking doesn’t cultivate an abundance mindset because you’re focusing on saving, not on living, increasing, and enjoying life (which is supposed to be the whole point of saving and investing).

Eker also mentions the opposite end of the spectrum where you might be so used to spending money, that you reach a point where buying stuff no longer gives you joy.

Not to mention you’re no richer for this habit.

How Do You Strike a Balance Between Saving and Spending?

This is where he recommends putting away 10% or more of your income, after tax, into an account that’s used just to invest for your retirement/getting rich.

piggy bank to cultivate an abundance mindset
dude, I think you’re gonna need a bigger piggy bank…

Then, you put away a portion of your income into a “splurge account.”


Eker didn’t specify how much, but I’m going with 10% of my after-tax income.

[Update: I am now going with roughly 5% a month of my after-tax income because putting 10% into my splurge account got to be to high, to be honest, and I’d rather put that extra 5% away into investments to reach Financial Independence.]

With the splurge account, you spend it all on anything that makes you feel rich.

I interpret this as spending it on anything that makes you feel like you are living an abundant lifestyle.

For example, it could mean ordering that fancy bottle of champagne at dinner, playing golf at that expensive golf course, staying at the luxurious hotel, or giving yourself a mani-pedi massage treatment.

getting a mani pedi to cultivate an abundance mindset
I have never seen anyone wear gloves, have you?

Whatever makes you feel richer.

And this works, as long as it means you’re working on growing, living, and enjoying life with an abundance mindset.

To apply the law of attraction to this, if you’re living with an abundance mindset, chances are that you will start to encounter more situations that will allow you to feel like you are living an abundant lifestyle.

Champagne for an abundance mindset
Why does being rich always involve Champagne?


I’ve only just started doing this and already I’m feeling much better.

In the past couple of months, I’ve been such a miser by focusing on penny-pinching and saving and being frugal, that I wasn’t focusing on cultivating an abundance mindset.

unhappy because not working on an abundance mindset
Don’t end up like this guy lol

By focusing on not having money flow out of my bank account, I wasn’t growing my money with an abundance mindset.

You can imagine how well that went.


I felt pretty stingy, horrible, and just downright sour and negative.

When I made the splurge account and started spending it on things that made me feel richer (for example, eating out at Panera Bread), I started to feel lighter.

eating lots of bread to cultivate an abundance minset
All that yummy bread! mmmmm…

It felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

Life got a little bit brighter.

I started smiling more and now I even tip the Panera Bread cashiers!

This is something that I’ve never done before.

As of right now, I’m still investing my money and building up a cash reserve at the same time while doing this “splurge account” experiment.

I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes! 😄


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