Adapt or Die: Applying Darwinian concepts to the Telecommunications industry

There’s a war going on, ladies and gentlemen. A war between the new up and comers who are looking to disrupt the current status quo and usurp power, and the old guard who are doing everything in their power to keep what power they have left.
You can think of old, settled telecommunications companies such as AT&T and Verizon. Now look at Google joining the fray, from a tech company who’s idea was a simple search engine to now entering the telecommunications business. The current telecommunications companies can try to squash Google, but Google’s already too big to be squashed now. They have too much market clout, too much mass. It’s a duel between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.
Except in this case, the immovable objects-the current telecommunications companies-will get obliterated like we did to mountains that stood in the way so that we could build highways of progress through them.
Which is where a Darwinian approach to this war can actually be beneficial to both sides. To summarize succinctly, survival of the fittest can be thought of as “Adapt or Die.” The dinosaurs didn’t have time nor resources to stop the impending asteroid hurtling towards Earth, the unstoppable force against the immovable object.

Once the asteroid made contact, the ones that were able to adapt lived on. We can think of the current telecommunications industry as the dinosaurs and Google entering the industry as the asteroid. The impact’s going to happen regardless of what the dinosaurs do. The most they can do is adapt if they are to   have any means of survival. The telecommunications industry must adapt to Google’s entry into this sector and evolve with the times. To do any less would be going against the natural order.

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