Celebrating The New Year 2018 – Asian-American Style in Suburbia, New York
Lake Ontario at Hamlin Beach, frozen over

Celebrating The New Year 2018 – Asian-American Style in Suburbia, New York


What’s up y’all?

Happy New Year 2018! I wish you all the best this year. Pursue your dreams hardcore. Don’t stop. Never back down from a challenge. Keep fighting the good fight. And most important of all, keep dreaming. May this new year bring you one step closer to living your dream! 😄

This year, instead of driving the 4+ hours to meet our friends in New York City to bar-hop and watch the fireworks, like we did last year, we decided to drive 2.5 hours to meet our friends at SUNY Brockport in Brockport, NY.

Not only did this helped us save on gas money, we were able to cook food at their place instead of spending tons of money on food and drinks going out in New York City.

For a fraction of the price of eating out in NYC, we bought Korean ingredients from the local asian supermarket in Syracuse, NY and were able to cook so much Korean food that we had a ton left over the next day.


While waiting for the ball to drop on TV, we played some fun games like Jimmy Fallon’s Whisper Challenge. On strips of paper, we put down short words or phrases for the other person to guess while listening to loud music on their headphones.

It’s a fun game of verbal charades where they can’t hear what you’re saying and have to guess from your mouth movements.

We also tried to play one of the new hottest app games right now called HQ, it’s a trivia game that pays you money if you win. Usually there are a couple of hundred people who also win so you split the money. The game was so popular with it’s $18,000 biggest pot ever that the system crashed right before new year’s lol. If you download it, make sure to use my code “Nawaphon” so I can get an extra life 😄

We ushered in the new year with some champagne before calling it a night by watching “The young Offenders.” It’s a fun movie featuring some Irish boys.

The next morning, we woke up and ate left-over Korean food and watched “Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong.” It’s also a fun movie, shot over two nights in Hong Kong.

Then we decided to go out and explore the new year at Hamlin Beach on Lake Ontario. It was a short drive from Brockport, NY. Being the coldest winter in over half a century, the beach and lake were FROZEN.

The snow was inches deep and I felt bad for the poor birds looking for food in the lake. But then again, they have oily down feathers that repel the cold water and keep them warm. So maybe the birds were actually feeling bad for us thin-skinned humans having to wear jackets to stay warm.

Lake Ontario at Hamlin Beach, frozen over

We decided to go back to the apartment to warm up before driving back home.

Overall, it was a nice, fun weekend getting together with friends to welcome in the new year. It might sound cliche but I learned that it doesn’t matter where you are for new year’s eve. You could be in NYC watching the ball drop, or you could be in the middle of nowhere in the countryside in the frozen snow, as long as you’re with people you enjoy being around, that’s where the magic is.

Thank you so much for reading!

Keep working toward your dreams.

Jack The Dreamer, over and out!

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