How To Declutter Your Mind With Meditation

How To Declutter Your Mind With Meditation

Meditating, Even Briefly, Can Help You Declutter Your Mind

In today’s busy world, we’re connected to social media, distracting Youtube videos, and binge-worthy Netflix shows.

All this clutter can wreak havoc on your mind and cause stress and anxiety.

How can you destress and declutter your mind from all of this?

With meditation!

Let’s explore 🙂

Sometimes I catch myself feeling anxious and not taking deep enough breathes.

Then I realize that I pretty much haven’t been breathing at all.

In these extreme cases, I remembered from meditation to focus on taking deep, long, breathes while letting my mind wander, then letting the thoughts pass.

On many occasions, meditation helped me declutter my thoughts and tackle the sources of my anxiety (usually procrastination on a project).

Why is Your Mind Cluttered?

Just like when you’re in a crowded room, people are talking over the music and one another and the noise gets louder and louder.

You then have to keep talking louder until it eventually becomes like a scene from a nightclub where everyone is shouting to be heard.

night clubs are distractions while you declutter your mind

Imagine the clutter inside your mind

Your brain deals with so much noise on a daily basis.

For example, cars, construction, people talking, YouTube videos, Netflix, and social media. You get the idea?

social media is a distraction while you declutter your mind

These are external noises inside our mind.

But what about the internal noise from our thoughts, emotions, and feelings?

You might be thinking about an upcoming test, extra work from your boss, bills to pay, exercise, etc.

Got the idea?

You can imagine how loud your thoughts have to shout to overcome all of that noise.

This might lead to you feeling anxious, stretched thin, and tired.

So what is a modern minimalist to do?


Meditation to Declutter Your Mind

It doesn’t have to be long.

When I find my thoughts getting too loud, I’m getting too anxious, and/or my breathing is too fast and shallow and I’m dying, I stop what I’m doing.

I find a spot and sit cross-legged, putting my hands in my lap with one palm on top of the other, and I focus on breathing for five minutes.

buddhist monk meditating to declutter your mind

I close my eyes and let my mind wander for those five minutes.

The goal of meditation is not to close your mind off to thoughts, like some people might suggest.

It’s to acknowledge your thoughts as they come into your mind, then allow them to pass on their merry way.

You can say “Thank you for visiting,” or “Thank you for stopping by,” and then wave as they pass by.

By doing this, I notice how a lot of the loud thoughts in my mind were inconsequential.

They didn’t pertain to my inner growth,  goals, or well-being.

I thanked them for their time and let them go.

From this, I realized that the source of my anxiety stemmed from something that at first appeared big and complicated.

It was usually something I was putting off or procrastinating from doing because it seemed hard and tedious.

By focusing on taking deep breathes, I was able to slow my mind down and allow it to start decluttering my web of thoughts.

Why Meditation Can Make You Calmer

When you meditate and declutter your mind, you enter a more peaceful and quieter state of being.

In this state, I think we can better hear our emotions. 

When we confront our emotions head-on, we can see what is causing them.

By knowing what is causing them, we can discard the emotions that don’t bring us joy and keep the ones that do.


By getting rid of the causes of our anxiety, we calm down.

We become more at peace with ourselves and the world.

Because of this, I was able to tackle my fears head on, reduce the anxiety they caused, and got sh*t done.

How Meditating Helped Me

For example, while writing blog posts or re-designing my website, I would get bouts of anxiety.

From meditating, taking deep breathes, and calming my mind, I realized that the causes of my anxieties stemmed from a fear of failure and also from procrastinating at the writing and design process.

Fears such as “If I don’t write a blog post soon, my readers will abandon me. If I don’t write often enough, I won’t get enough ad revenue to pay for my blog. What if I write a crappy blog post and people don’t come back to read more?”

Other fears such as “Is my website good enough? What if it’s not user friendly enough? How many more hours of re-designing do I have to put into my website to make it look good? I’ve already spent so much time doing it myself. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to hire an actual website designer.”

I confronted these fears head on and said “F* you, I’m gonna write a fun blog post on a fun topic and post it. Screw what the pundits have to say.”

Then, I sat down and got to work redesigning my blog.

declutter your mind mind get to work typing your blog posts

Yes, it’s still a work in progress but you know what?

So is life 😀

By tackling my causes of anxiety and not procrastinating, the negative feelings went away.

I calmed down and life got a little bit better.

Try meditating to declutter your mind.

Let me know how it goes for you!

Here’s a cool photo of a lady doing yoga on a precarious-looking rock over a fjord, because why not?

after decluttering your mind get to work do yoga on a cool rock over a fjord

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