Don’t worry about the loss of construction workers to old age

A recent article in Bloomberg talked about how construction companies are trying to appeal to the coddled millennials by offering more perks than previous years. They’re doing this in an effort to attract and retain an younger workforce as the current one is getting older and retiring.

I offer 1 solution to this dilemma.

1) Invest in those machines that self-build bridges instead of investing in human capital which age, complain, take time off, retire, etc. We’ve all seen and know that there are now machines that can build bridges without much of our help, we just give them the inputs and raw materials and they go to work. If we can invest and create good machines like those, but instead of going outwards, use them to go upwards to build tall buildings, we can imagine a world where humans are barely needed to build buildings anymore. Perfect for the coddled millennial. Plug and go!

Jack the dreamer, over and out!


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