1) Erik from The Mastermind Within interviewed me on his podcast. In this episode, I shared with him how minimalism not only helped me improve my personal life, it helped improve my leadership style to be more calm. We talked about leadership, personal growth, business, and minimalism.

2) Shout out toward the end of Andy Hill’s “Marriage, Kids, and Money” Podcast episode about paying off $12,000 of credit card debt. It’s at 41 minutes in. You can also read my blog post about it here.

3) Featured on Quietly Ambitious’s “Bold Introverts” series. Talked about growing up different as an Asian in the ghetto, facing your problems head on, and how it all comes together toward achieving your dreams.

3) Rockstar Finance featured the article about my time living on the farm and what it taught me about financial independence.

4) The Financial Diet then picked up the same article and talked about how my finances and the farm article resonated with her decisions regarding whether to buy a new iPhone or not.

5) “What?! You Can Save $17,433.34 On Electricity Costs By Unplugging Your Devices Everyday?” was featured as a Top 5 roundup of the week on “The Simple Minded Millennial” personal finance blog.

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