Spiritual Lesson from Meditating

Spiritual Lesson from Meditating

I don’t normally write about my religious experiences so please excuse me because I really wanted to share this experience that happened to me while I was meditating.


Meditating Every Morning

I aim to meditate every morning. Some mornings I don’t get around to it but I try.


I’m usually meditating buddhist monk style, sitting with my legs crossed on the floor, and hands on top of each other in my lap. With my back straight, I would close my eyes and focus on breathing and letting my thoughts pass through my mind as I try to be mindful and set forth my intentions and goals for the day and the future.

Only this time, I decided to try something new by meditating lying down on the floor like how we learned in yoga class.

Rolling out a yoga mat, I lay down with my back, head, arms and legs stretched out on the floor. I do this because I think it helps me to receive positive energy energy from the universe.

Letting go of the tension in my extremities, I breathe slowly, and relax. I let my mind wander.


With my eyes closed, I was going through self-affirmations and goals such as:

“You got this, Jack.”

“You’ll reach your goals and get the life you want for yourself.”

“What are your goals for the day? I just want to buy toothpaste, go for a hike, workout, balance my finances, write and earn some money freelancing…”

Then, mid thought, there was this figure that appeared in front of me in the darkness behind my eyelids. Its form was constantly shifting, which I thought was weird.

Sometimes this happens during my visualization process and I tried to see if the shifting figure would materialize into someone I knew, like my girlfriend or my mother (I just realized how Freudian that sounded, lol).

But I wasn’t able to pinpoint who the figure was suppose to be. There were no facial features, just a silhouette of buzzing energy. I tried as hard as I could to put a face on it but the shifting figure never revealed its face. It was like a mass of shifting energy in the rough form of a person.

The entity grew taller, shorter, and every height in between. It became a black man in a suit with a tie, like W.E.B Dubois style, a white man in a robe, an asian man with a bad bowl cut hairstyle, blocking his face with his hand in the peace sign and smiling. Then it became a short old hispanic woman that kind of looked like grandma Coco from Pixar’s movie, Coco.

This was the first time something like this has happened to me.

And that’s when my eyes shot open and I felt compelled to write this down.

The Lesson

The lesson I took away from this experience was that God exists in all shapes, sizes, and colors and is ever shifting, forming and reforming.

He exists in all of us and is around us all the time.

Because he appeared during my self-affirmations, I think he was trying to tell me that everything will be alright.

It’ll be alright because he’s been with us throughout history, guiding us toward our dreams, our goals, and our destiny.

I just have to set forth the intentions to live a meaningful life, one that I am proud of.

Go forth, and live.


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