Imagination Will Get You Everywhere

“Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein
It might seem like the world is moving towards a place where logic is in the front seat and imagination takes a backseat.
Never lose sight that imagination is what created the world around you.

Dare to imagine, dare to dream, but most important of all, dare to do the impossible.

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Jack The Dreamer

I'm a dreamer. But you know what? All the best people are. And if you're one too, join the revolution! My blog is about being financially independent and working towards that goal each and every single day so that we can all start living the life we've always dreamed of! Jack the Dreamer, over and out!

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  1. Kolo Vrat

    What's the origin of the phrase “Jack the Dreamer”?

  2. Jack the Dreamer

    I think it's a really good alliterative technique that works 🙂

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