Inspirational Story From A Dying Fly

Inspirational Story From A Dying Fly

I was brushing my teeth one morning when I saw a fly on the bathroom window sill. It was lying on its back with its legs up in the air, so I presumed it was dead. Then, it moved its legs ever so slowly. Ah, so it’s not dead. YET. 

Judging from the state it was in, it didn’t have much longer to live. Yet, when I came back in the evening, it was still there, still twitching it’s legs. Not dead yet, ey?

Why was this fly so resilient?

Why not just die already?

Why is it hanging on so long?

Did it expect to fly again?

My father always used to tell me a story about a 3-legged dog wandering the streets in his hometown in Thailand. He would see the dog competing on even terms with the other street dogs that had all their limbs. He said that this dog didn’t have the option of giving up. If it gave up, there would be no-one to take care of it and it would surely die.

It fought using the 3 legs it had left and it succeeded and lived.

He would end the story with asking me, “Are you no better than a 3-legged dog?”

And while it’s harsh being compared to a dog, this story serves as a reminder that life isn’t always fair but you’re given some tools and you have to do the best you can with what you’re given.

Unlike dogs, we can educate ourselves. We can work towards a better future and a better outlook for ourselves.

So if that fly can fight on till the very end, and if that 3-legged dog can fight on, I can fight on.

Jack The Dreamer, over and out!

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