Is Inequality Really Such A Bad Thing?

Is Inequality Really Such A Bad Thing?

Inequality isn’t a bad thing.

It encourages those that are determined to change their current circumstances and make something of themselves.

It is a force that propels those who want to be better than what life had originally planned for them.

Devil’s Advocate

Please allow me to play devil’s advocate here.

Is inequality such a bad thing?

When I walk around the campuses of small liberal arts colleges, I usually spot some posters that talk about inequality and how bad it is, etc.

These posters usually advertise a talk that’s being given by a liberal arts professor and backed by a student club that advocates more equality for all.

But I feel like they’re missing the point.

If everyone were equal or, rather, if there were no inequality, where would be the drive to improve?

The drive to be better.

Whether it’s to be stronger, smarter, richer, or better looking.

Or even to be more humble.

People tend to think of inequality in terms of poor and rich.

What about two different basketball teams?

There’s inequality even there.

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One team might have faster and faster players, one team might have smarter and more nimble players.

Same with the Olympics.

Some athletes are stronger, faster, better than others in their respective sports.

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So what’s your issue with inequality?

Or do you just have an issue with monetary and socio-economic inequality but are perfectly fine with it in professional sports?

A Brief Backstory

My family and I came to America with nothing but the clothes on our backs and hope in our hearts.

We had hoped that we would be able to live the American Dream of becoming whoever it is that we wanted to become.

To do whatever it is that we wanted to do.

So my parents, who didn’t speak English at all at the time, worked 3 jobs each, to try and put food on the table for my siblings and me.

Any money that was left, they saved.

There would be days when I never saw my parents because they would be out working, leaving us to be raised by our grandmother.

This went on for years until when the opportunity revealed itself, they bought a dilapidated restaurant in the ghetto and opened up their own restaurant.

We were there for 7 years and it felt like purgatory.

But even though it was a poor location in a crappy neighborhood, they were able to be their own bosses and stopped working their 3 jobs each.

All the while, my parents were raising my siblings and me and still putting away money.

Then another opportunity revealed itself and we were able to move to a better location.

Now, they have employees, more money, and more free time.

All those years, we never once asked for government handouts.

We never asked for government assistance.

We worked hard and saved money and worked ourselves out of the decrepit socio-economical situation that we were in when we came to America.

What’s The Moral of This Story?

We never once asked whether life was “unequal” or not.

We knew that life was unequal.

Inequality exists.

It will always exist in some form or other.

There was no point in beating ourselves over our current situation because it didn’t lead to anything productive.

We were proactive and we did something about our situation.

Even though it took over 10 years since coming to America to be able to move into that more profitable location, my family never stopped striving to be better than who we were previously.

We strived to be better versions of ourselves and to work toward a tomorrow that we could be proud of.

A tomorrow that we worked hard for and that we earned with our sweat, tears, and determination.

Use inequality as a springboard, not a hindrance, to be a better version of yourself.

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