Karma Wins In The End – The Legend Of Henry Ford – The End

Karma Wins In The End – The Legend Of Henry Ford – The End

It was definitely an inspirational story about an intelligent, hard working, farmboy who liked to tinker with his hands and, through sheer discipline, grit, and never giving up, creating a car empire and one of the richest family dynasties in the world.

To end this month’s Dreamers book club, I wanted to mention Henry Ford’s spiral  into bigotry and paranoia in his later years and how the scales of justice and karma won in the end.

Not expecting much, I had skimmed the last 300 pages of The Legend Of Henry Ford because I found the writing so dry and boring.

That’s where I found that Henry Ford received the Hitler Medal from Hitler in 1938 for “defying the Jewish money power of the Americas.” Which you can read more about in  my previous short article.

Not only that, the book goes on for about 200 pages on the car mafia that the Ford company became; how Ford started isolating himself and had his executives run the company in a perpetual state of fear, violence, and paranoia.

There was a special group of Ford employees who went around beating up journalists and unionists who wanted to expose the dangerous and socially toxic environment that the Ford factory had devolved into.

Eventually, Henry Ford died and his grandson Henry Ford II came into power at the ripe old age of 28.


The book ends by telling us that Ford’s grandson was nothing like him.

He wasn’t an anti-semite. He didn’t make threats of violence in order to keep the order.

He led with an air of openness and honesty. He valued open discussion so that all parties can walk away with something, like negotiating with the unions, and listening to his employees to improve their working conditions.

Morale at Ford went up.

This reaffirms my stance that everything eventually works out in the end because the universe is the side of justice. That good and bad balance each other out eventually.

Overall, I learned quite a few new things about Henry Ford, the man, the myth, the legend.

The Hitler part was an eye opener.

His humble beginnings inspired me because he started his business in his 40’s, building himself up little by little, never stopping to tinker with his prototype cars before he got funded to build more.

I feel like the 250 pages of politics and car mafia in the middle of the book wasn’t necessary and could have been shortened by about 100 pages, making the book 400 pages instead of 500.

Thank you so much for reading this month’s Dreamers book club with me!

Jack The Dreamer, over and out!

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