How The KonMari Method Helped Me Personally and Professionally In 2019: A Year End Review

How The KonMari Method Helped Me Personally and Professionally In 2019: A Year End Review

KonMari Method & Sparkjoy Minimalism Year End Review 2019

I’m going to assume you’ve already heard of Marie Kondo, KonMari Method, and the concept of Sparkjoy.

If you’re on the fence about applying it to your life, get her book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and watch how your new year 2020 lights up.

If you’re currently in the process of going through your KonMari journey or finished it, congrats!

It’s so life changing isn’t it?

Anywho, I thought it would be fun to go over all the different aspects of how the KonMari method and Sparkjoy minimalism changed my life for the better.

Moving to a new house

I just spent all of my life’s savings on starting a new business.

Suffice it to say, I’m living at home with my parents to save on rent.

My parents recently downsized to a smaller house to save on mortgage and property tax.

It was faster and easier to move after I had already decluttered most physical and digital things from my life.

It took me one hour to pack up all my stuff and move into our new house while the rest of my family took weeks.

This saved me the mental anguish and the mental and physical burden of packing everything away, finding boxes for it, lifting it into the new space, and unpacking.

I literally packed one duffel bag and one box of my stuff and unpacked and settled into our new house with ease.

This was the case as well when I moved Seattle with only a duffel bag for 6 months to try and start a business that didn’t work out.

Living with my girlfriend

Luckily she’s a minimalist too so we both share one dresser in our 100 square foot bedroom.

That’s 10 feet x 10 feet of bedroom.

Or 3 meters x 3 meters.

picture showing the one dresser that Jack shares with his girlfriend
you might be tempted to think that one side is mine and one side is hers but in reality I have 3 of those drawers and the rest is hers lol…

Our winter coats, fancier dresses, and my dress shirts hang on the walls.

Our books and journals are on shelves.

We sleep on the floor on a 3 inch thick futon we got from IKEA.

We then roll up the futon every morning so the space opens up.

It’s been really calming to come home after a grueling and intense 12-15 hour work day and come to a minimalist, calm, bedroom without much clutter.

Started a new business

I think going KonMari minimalist helped me start my business faster as well.

Without the psychological clutter of my previous thousands of books, clothes, knick knacks, etc. that didn’t bring me joy, I was able to focus and concentrate on bringing my business into fruition.

It took over a year and most of 2019, but my business got off the ground mid-2019 and we’re generating some of the highest revenue compared to similar businesses in the same industry in the area.

I don’t think it was just applying the storybrand concept that helped.

It was applying the concepts of KonMari sparkjoy to designing and implementing the business.

When guests come into the space they feel a sense of joy and wow.

The business feels unlike any other business in the industry in the area.

Growing Professionally

I think I’m a better leader than I was before. #humblebragmuch? 🙈🤷🏼‍♂️

I mean, I can only hope that I am a better leader than who I was before 😅

I don’t think I get angry as much, nor short-tempered as much.

And I think KonMari minimalism helped me declutter my physical and mental space enough to allow me room to grow myself professionally.

There’s safe-space in my business and people feel like they can voice their concerns and options without fear of being fired.

It’s led to innovations and ways of doing things that we wouldn’t have thought of if people didn’t feel safe to voice their thoughts.

Thank you 2019!

I think by quieting my physical space, I was able to quiet my mental and spiritual space, which has led to richer enjoyment of life so far.

I am excited to what 2020 has to bring, and looking forward to the growth, the fun, the excitement, the people, and the adventure in the game of living.

(Sneak Peek: we already booked our tickets to Thailand, along with tickets to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! le gasp!)

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