Life Cycle Of Clothes And Shoes – Observations in Nicaragua

Life Cycle Of Clothes And Shoes – Observations in Nicaragua

It seems like Big Clothing and Shoe companies in America produce their stuff mostly in countries where it’s cheaper to manufacture.

Then they sell these clothes and shoes in more well-off countries.

When the people of these richer countries are done wearing their clothes and shoes, they donate them.

Sometimes these donations are sold again or given back within the same country where it was donated.

For example, The Salvation Army, a non-profit organization in America, is selling your donated stuff in stores throughout America and the money generated is used to fund programs in America.

But there’s another part of this where donated clothes and shoes are shipped to developing countries like Nicaragua.

I was building houses in the remote countryside of Nicaragua on a service trip when a big crate of shoes arrived that were donated from Americans.

The local Nicaraguans rushed to line up in front of this crate to get the used Nike’s and other shoes for free.

So it seems that the clothing and shoes are made in poorer countries and sold to richer countries.

And the used shoes are donated or discarded and then given back to the poorer countries who made them.

It’s like this weird cycle of life for what we wear.

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