How to Make $200-300 a Day During Covid and Football Season

How to Make $200-300 a Day During Covid and Football Season

This is not clickbait.

I noticed that once American NFL Football season started in Fall 2020, the number of Instacart orders have gone up dramatically.

Before football season, there might be a $15 order here or there, but once football season started, there are now SEVERAL $30 orders.

If you do Instacart on days with big games, you might make several hundred dollars.

What is Instacart?

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Instacart is an app where people place their grocery orders, and you, as the driver/picker go into the grocery stores to get the grocery items and deliver them.

There are usually several different orders to choose from.

Instacart calculates the amount of money you make based on how many items, price of items, how far to deliver them, etc.

There’s also the potential for surge pricing where if a lot of people are placing grocery orders but there aren’t enough delivery people, prices go up for you, so you make more money.

How does Instart help you make money during covid?

Increased flexibility in schedule

You choose when you want to work and which grocery store you go to.

It gives you a lot of flexibility over a traditional hourly job.

You can also do instacart before or after your main job, if there are orders available.

For example, my job normally starts at 11am.

I try to see if I can do 1 or 2 orders before 11am to make extra money before going into work.

Also if you wanted to go home and take a nap, or make lunch, or hang out with your kids, you can do that.

Choose how much money you want to make

That sentence is bit misleading.

Instacart will show orders that need to be fulfilled.

You might have an order that has 15 items, drive 10 miles to be delivered, and pay $7.

You might have one that has 45 items, drive 3 miles, and pays $30.

It all depends on the algorithm of items to miles to costs of items.

So you choose the order that fits what you’re going for in that momemnt.

Like if you only have 1 hour before going in to work, you might just accept a 5 items order for $5 instead of the 45 items order, because the 5 items might only take you 10 minutes, whereas the 45 items order might take you 1 hour or longe.

In my case, I just did 2 orders both 45 items long and it took me about 1.5 hours each.

2 side perks

During covid, people are ordering though Instacart more than ever because a lot of them don’t want to risk going outside and getting covid.

That’s where you come in.

You get to be physically active

A side perk is you get to be physically active and walk around the store versus just sitting in a car all day driving for Uber or Lyft.

It’s a great hustle for people who want to physically active all day and still make money.

You know exactly where you are going

A great thing about Instacart that beats driving for Uber or Lyft is that you know exactly where you are going to pick up stuff, know exactly what is going in your car, and know exactly where you are going to deliver, all before you accept the order.

While I was driving for Uber, I didn’t know where I was going, where my passengers were coming from, how much money I was going to make, and where they were going or how long it was going to take me.

Grocery shopping for people takes a lot of the mental anxiety and guesswork out of the equation.

Plus you don’t have strangers in your car.

It’s great for introverts who just want to hustle and make money.

But where’s the money?

Please note this is for big football game days.

If it’s a regular day, your orders might be priced around $12-18.

So let’s say you start at 9am and make $30 for an order that takes 1.5 hours to complete.

In 3 hours, you complete 2 orders for $60.

In my case in October 2020 during football season, I completed 2 trips for a total of $65 after tips.

I did them from 10:30am till 2pm.

That’s 3 hours and 30 minutes.

And there were still plenty of $30 orders after I was done.

If I did 2 more trips, that would bring in about another $60.

For a total of $120 in 5 hours (I was going slow and didn’t know where to find a lot of the stuff requested, you’ll get that sometimes).

If you started at 9am, and worked about 8 to 9 hours, even factoring in lunch and bathroom breaks, you might be able to do 6 orders for a total of about $150-180.

9am-10:30am = $30.

10:30am-12pm = $30.

12pm-12:30pm lunch break.

12:30pm-2pm = $30.

2:pm-3:30pm = $30.

3:30pm-5pm = $30.

5pm-6:30pm = $30.

That’s about 6 orders for a total of $180.

Also keep in mind I took a freaking 1.5 hours per order.

If you do this often enough, you should be able to know where everything is in the grocery store, and do a 45 item trip in under 1 hour.

Great, but how do I make $200 to $300?

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DoorDash, UberEATS, Grubhub

Let’s say during those times you somehow don’t have ANY instacart orders, for whatever reason.

You can make an account with DoorDash, UberEATS, and Grubhub to be a food delivery driver.

You have all 3 apps turned on at the same time as your instcart app.

That way, you’re making good use of your idle time, so you can monetize smartly and not have the dead time of not making money.

There are lunch rushes during normal business days.

And dinner rushes during football season before the game starts as people try to get everything ready to watch the game.

How much can you make with these 3 food delivery apps?

Just to give you an example, I once drove a chocolate milkshake from Dairy Queen to someone 8 minutes away for $6.

A simple meal from McDonald’s might get me $6 in a 5 minute delivery as well.

And those were after 9pm.

So if you deliver during a lunch rush, or a dinner rush, you might be making like $8 to $12 minimum for a short drive.

Especially because lunch and dinner rushes can get the surge pricing where the money you make might go up because the demand for deliveries out number the amount of drivers.

Meaning that, on top of your $180 from Instacart, if you maximize lunch and dinner rushes with food deliveries, you can push another $50-100 in food deliveries.

So if you really started 9am and ended 9am, given some breaks, naps, food break, etc. you can easily make $200-300 in 1 day.


Just pack some water, stay hydrated, have some music, audiobooks, podcasts, comfortable sneakers, gassed up car, charged phone.

Have all 4 apps turned on to monetize every single moment with minimal down time.

Go out there and make money.

That’s how you take advantage of covid and football season to make $200-300 a day during covid.

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