Ode To Marie Kondo

Ode To Marie Kondo

Muse of Minimalism I invoke thee,

help me write an ode to Minimalist Marie.

Dear Marie Kondo,

do you know,

that in 42,050 words,

you’ve changed our lives.

The Captain of KonMari,

you have steered our cluttered souls

toward the bastion of minimalist freedom.

You might have heard,

from your raving fans,

their YouTube declutter videos

are a niche unto themselves.

And while I cannot speak

for the millions of lives that you have reached,

I can attest that the landfills

are a little bit more filled


because of the stuff that I have discarded.

Keep only what brings you joy.

There is no ploy.

The word is that simple,


Fear not, for clutter shall know our names,

and rue the day it visits our closets.

My stuff might call me hard-hearted,

but you say we’re letting go of things

that make us feel guilty.

Therefore, I gleefully,



let them go.

Discarding heavies our hearts,

from all the things that we must do part,

before our souls can become lighter.

Thank you,

for the book,

for we have heard,

in 42,050 words.

You can get her book here. I got it in hardcover. I found her message to be more powerful that way.

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