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here are some privacy things I have to say regarding privacy and how your data is being used from WordPress and any other affiliates:

From Jetpack by WordPress:

Site Visitors

We collect and send the following information (made available from the visitor’s browser) to our Demand Partners: IP address, geographical data (derived from the IP address), user agent, operating system, device type, unique user ID (randomly generated identifier), current URL, and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) interest category.

Data Retention: Log data (IP address, geographical data, user agent, operating system, device type) is stored for 30 days. The unique user ID is stored in cookies and is retained for 1 year.”

From Jetpack by WordPress on activity tracked:

Site Visitors

We track ad impressions, video-related events (i.e. pause, mute, 100% plays, etc.) or errors, and ad click events.

Various cookies are used for the following purposes: delivering targeted advertisements to specific visitors, storing user identifiers, and collecting anonymous ad platform stats.”

By going on my blog, you acknowledge that WordPress, the website provider, and any other 3rd-party groups such as Google, Sovrn, etc., may collect your cookies and any other information in order to better service ads to you or collect data or anything else of the sort from you.

Also, there might be some links in my articles where, if you click on it and perform certain actions that meet certain criteria, e.g., open up a Wealthfront account using my Wealthfront invite link, you and/or me could receive certain rewards from it, commission, etc., at no extra cost to you.

The other name for these sort of links is affiliate marking, or affiliate links. Such as with Amazon affiliates where if you click on that amazon link, I might make a small commission from your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Also, I try to write financial stories from my own personal failures in the hopes that they might be inspirational and educational. In no way should you actually pay any heed to what I have to say, and you should probably consult an actual legal counsel or financial advisor before attempting anything drastic, simple, complicated, or otherwise, etc.

You read my blog posts and anything else on this website at your own discretion and on your own free will. I am not responsible for anything that could arise from you reading these posts.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser, and none of this is meant to be financial or legal advice. You should consult a real professional before doing anything.