How I Reuse Junk mail To Save Money – Money Hack – Frugal DIY

How I Reuse Junk mail To Save Money – Money Hack – Frugal DIY


Today, I want to show you a frugal and creative way for you to save money by turning junk mail into notepads.

You might have experienced getting way too much junk in the mail. You normally throw them out, right? Instead, if you like handwriting notes, here’s one way to reuse junk mail to create fast, fun, and FREE notepads.

Why You Should Reuse Junk mail

1. Better for the environment.

According to NYU Law, junk mail uses over “100 million trees a year – the equivalent of deforesting all of Rocky Mountain National Park every four months.”

reuse junk mail

Not only that, “44% of junk mail is thrown away unopened, and only 22% of that is recycled.” That means less than 10% of all junk mail gets recycled. Why is that important? Because it means that over 90% of junk mail lies unopened and in landfills.

reuse junk mail

And to top it all, “junk mail manufacturing creates as much greenhouse gas emissions annually as 3.7 million cars.”

reuse junk mail

While we might not be able to control that upstream portion much, we shall not let those greenhouse emissions be created in vain.

We can reuse junk mail in creative ways in order to slow down the process from when we receive them to when they end up in the landfill.

2. Saves you money = financial independence faster

What if we could repurpose even a portion of that junk mail before they get recycled or end up in landfills? 

Doing so will save us money from having to buy paper products from Staples or Amazon, and slow down the process from junk mail to landfill.

With the money saved, we can invest in mutual funds, rental properties, etc. to create passive income to reach financial independence faster.

reuse junk mail

Not only that, we can use the money saved to pay down debt such as student loans and credit cards.

reuse junk mail

How I Reuse Junk Mail

First, a history

I started turning junk mail into notepads a little while ago after reading how the best business executives did so during the 1900’s to save money.

Their companies would go on to be very successful. I figured that if these executives could do it, why can’t I?

I started by using the letter opener to cut all the sides of junk mail. Doing so, I’d be left with these pieces of long rectangular pieces of paper. They started piling up and before long, I could’t use them fast enough. I was so dismayed, I stopped with the process altogether.

Then I accidentally happened upon a fun, faster, new way to cut the envelopes so that they are in a more agreeable fashion for me to use.

Let’s Get Started

What do you need?

  • Junk mail
  • letter opener

You can watch the video

Or you can keep reading

I’m assuming that you already cut your letter open at the long top end to read it.

Now, you want to cut one of the small sides, and the long bottom of the envelope. You want to leave one small side uncut. Why? Because it’ll act as hinge, allowing you to flip back and forth like an actual notepad!

reuse junk mail

This was my mistake when I first started doing this. I would cut them through all the way into separate pieces of paper, and it would feel weird taking notes or writing to-do lists on them.

With this hinge at the top of the envelope, it feels much more legit and I very much enjoy taking notes and writing errands on them now!

You are now on your way to saving money to reach financial independence faster! Stop spending money on notepads when you get free ones coming in the mail every day! 😀

What are your thoughts on this?

how did it go for you?

is there a better way you’d recommend to do this?

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