Yes, You Can Shower At Narita Airport in Tokyo Japan. Here’s Where And How Much

Yes, You Can Shower At Narita Airport in Tokyo Japan. Here’s Where And How Much

If you’re feeling gross, dirty, and want to freshen up because you just came off a long flight or have a connecting flight, yes, there are showers at Narita airport in Tokyo Japan.

Here’s where it’s located and how much it costs.

Included are pictures outside of the place, and pictures inside the showers.

You can also check out Narita airport’s own post on the two shower facilities that they have.

Note, my post is only about the ones inside the airport after security check-in, because it was the only one I saw during my time there.

Where To Find It

pics of shower in Narita airport
look for this when you’re walking toward the gates in their 20’s
pics of shower in Narita airport
this is how the front of the place looks

Note that this is already after you pass through security check-in.

We were on a layover in Narita flying from New York to Thailand so we were already through check-in.

I’m not sure about bathrooms in the main area of Narita airport before you go through the security checkpoint.

What Times Are They Open?

pics of shower in Narita airport
this shows the times they are open

The shower rooms are open 7am till 10pm (7:00 – 22:00).

The last time to check-in for a shower is 9:30pm because the minimum shower time is 30 minutes.

How Much Does It Cost?

Can You Pay With Card?

pics of shower in Narita airport
a price list

This place accepts both credit cards and USD cash.

pics of shower in Narita airport
The credit cards they take

If you’re just laying over for a few hours and don’t want to exchange your money to Japanese yen, you can pay with credit card.

I recommend you pay with credit card if your credit card doesn’t charge international fees for purchases made internationally.

I also just googled the USD to Japanese Yen exchange rate and for $10 USD, it’s 1085 yen.

Meaning, if you paid for your 30 minute shower with USD cash, you’re overpaying for the service out of convenience of not using your credit card or going to the trouble of finding a money exchange booth.

The exchange rate will fluctuate based on global socio-economic impacts from the different countries involved, and their federal banks, interest rates, strength of their money, etc.

From my experience, it’s always best to use your international credit card when traveling abroad (if you don’t get charged international fees) because the exchange rate is better.

That’s also if the place you’re using it at doesn’t charge extra just to use the credit card.

For example, in Thailand, some small shop owners will charge an extra 3% to make up for the credit card processing fees.

I paid for this place with my international credit card to avoid the fees.

How It Looks Inside

pics of shower in Narita airport
Follow the sign to the showers
pics of shower in Narita airport
Shower #5

I was shower #5.

They propped the door open I assume to air out the space after cleaning.

pics of shower in Narita airport
selfie in the shower

When you walk into the shower room, this is what you see.

pics of shower in Narita airport
looking at the floor of the shower room

Here is a picture of the floor space so you get an idea of how small the room is.

I was almost bumping into the walls trying to unrobe and get in the shower.

pics of shower in Narita airport

pics of shower in Narita airport
looking into the shower

The shower is separated from the small room by a sliding glass door.

pics of shower in Narita airport
the shower head

The water pressure from the shower head was really nice.

The hot water was very hot.

Amenities Offered

pics of shower in Narita airport
this shows what amenities are offered for free and what you have to pay for

For the price you pay, these amenities are included:

  • Hair dryer
  • Body soap
  • Shampoo
  • Bath towel
  • Face towel

For an extra cost of 100 yen ($1 USD) you can buy:

  • Shaving cream
  • Razor
  • Comb
  • Toothbrush
  • Lotion
  • Oil

Some pictures of the amenities

pics of shower in Narita airport
hair dryer
pics of shampoo and soap
shampoo and body soap
pics of bath towel
bath towel
pics of a towel
face towel

Amenities not listed but were there in the shower room

pic of a bottle of water
a bottle of water

This was nice of them.

Most people go through life not drinking enough water, so their bodies are dehydrated.

This shower service gave a free bottle of water so you can stay hydrated while you shower.

shower cap in the shower
I can only assume this is a shower cap

I think this is a shower cap for people who don’t want to get their hair wet.

What You Need To Know

The toilet is not in the same room as the shower.

The toilet room is located across from the shower room in the same hall.

Below are some pictures of the toilet.

I recommend you take care of all your toilet needs before going into the shower but keep in mind that it is all a part of your 30 minutes that you paid for.

So if you know you have explosive diarrhea and are going to be on the toilet for 20 minutes, it might not make the most sense to use this toilet and only have the shower for 10 minutes.

Best to use the free toilets in the airport, get out what you need to get out, then come use the shower to clean yourself off.

toilet apart from the shower pic
men’s toilet
toilet apart from the shower pic
Inside the men’s toilet

My Experience With This Service

It was great.

From walking in, saying what I want, paying, and getting to my shower took less than 2 minutes.

I made sure to confirm with them what time I need to be out by (so I don’t get overcharged and so there’s no funny business).

I had technically started at like 1:10pm so I should be out by 1:40pm but they gave me till 1:50pm to be out, which was really nice of them.

Overall it was a simple, good shower shower service, and the hot water lasted the whole time I was blasting it, especially after coming off a 14 hour flight from New York.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to freshen up while in Narita Airport.

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