Yes, You Can Shower At Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok Thailand. Here’s Where And How Much

Yes, You Can Shower At Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok Thailand. Here’s Where And How Much

If you have a long layover in Bangkok and want to refresh yourself, Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok Thailand DOES have a shower spot!

Two, actually.

As of my visit in December 2018, there’s a shower outside the security gate and a shower inside the security gate.

I’m excited to share this with you all because before I went to Thailand, I googled “are there showers in Suvarnabhumi airport” because I knew my girlfriend and I had long layovers there while flying around Thailand.

I was sad to find out that the 2015 forums said “No” and recommended I book a short stay at the nearby airport hotels for like $20 USD, so I get a shower and a bed etc.

But I’ve been through the airport before and didn’t want the hassle of coordinating with a pick up person, getting a SIM card to call them so they can find me, getting out of the airport, etc.

So here are the two options I found that popped up within the last couple of years at Suvarnabhumi airport.

I hope they leave you feeling more refreshed in your layovers.


Shower Before The Security Gate At Novotel Airport Hotel

If you’re outside the security gate, the shower I used was 600 baht (around $20 USD) at Novotel hotel connected to the airport.

Perks Of Showering At Novotel Airport Hotel

1. You can stay in the shower as long as you want.

2. They gave me a towel and a bottle of water.

3. The showers come with soap, shampoo, and conditioner in them.

4. There are hot tubs, jacuzzis, and dry saunas in men’s locker room where you go to shower. I assume there are the same in the women’s locker room.

5. There are also toilets if you want to go to the bathroom.

While I didn’t use the other perks and only wanted to shower, I think you’re more than welcome to use them as well.


How To Find It + Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did

I think technically you could walk to it from the outside but if you’re already inside the airport, I walked through the basement floor path.

The basement path goes past the airport link railway entrance and at first seemed like it was never going to end.

But two minutes later, I saw an escalator, took it up one floor, and ended up at the very swanky hotel lobby of Novotel.

I went up to the counter and asked for the shower.

They said it was 600 baht (~$20 USD).

I said “okay.”

They told me to go to the elevator, I obliged, and a security guard pressed the floor button for me.

Once on the floor with the shower, I went into the locker room but couldn’t find any towels.

I walked out and saw there was a fitness center next door.

No one was at the front desk but there were the orange towels I saw other people using.

So I grabbed myself an orange towel and went back to the locker room to shower.

There were hot tubs, jacuzzis, and dry saunas inside the locker room.

I got excited and contemplated jumping in just to sweat and increase blood circulation for better health, but I was pressed for time and decided it was better not to.

Another time, Novotel, another time.

So far I hadn’t paid the 600 baht shower fee, no one checked me, and I think I could’ve walked out the hotel without paying.

But…I went back to fitness center to try and pay after I was done.

Karma would have gotten back to bite me in the butt somehow if I didn’t.


My dad has this saying, “If you try to be too greedy and cheat people, life will find a way to take it back from you, usually in the form of money, health, or family life.”

When I went back the front desk of the fitness center, there were three, THREE, workers.

Like where we you all 15 minutes ago?! There are two guests working out in the entire gym! I thought.

“I came to pay for the shower,” I told the girl at the front desk as the two other workers looked on.

“That’ll be 600 baht please,” she told me.

After I paid, she handed me towels and a bottle of water.

I told her I wouldn’t need the towels, I already took some and showered.

You could feel a low quiet shock ripple through the three workers at that moment lol.

She said that I should always pay first before using, because blah blah blah.

I didn’t quite understand what she explaining because it just sounded like an excuse for why one of the three workers couldn’t have been at the front desk for any reason.

I could only assume they don’t get many people coming to pay 600 baht to use the shower, so they were all off doing something else at the other end of the gym.

Lesson learned: go to the fitness center front desk and pay first to get your towels and water. And if you don’t find someone, look around and find them.

Showering After You’ve Past The Security Gate

Long story short, there’s a decent and cheaper shower place inside the airport once you’ve gone through security.

It’s called “Miracle Transit Hotel” and is at the G gate section.

If you have a long layover and want to freshen up, this place is good.

It cost me 350 baht ($12 USD) to be able to shower as long as I wanted.



1. I had my own private shower room.

2. It came with a towel, and all the toiletries, but had no toilet. So you’re 💩 outta luck if you gotta 💩

3. Security desk before the showers.

4. Hair dryer.

5. The room was minimal and clean.

6. No sink, so the lack of a counter could affect you if you needed to shave your face.

At least Novotel had counters, sinks, and toilets in the locker room with the showers.

It’s half the price of Novotel shower so if you’re going based on price, yes, Miracle Lounge sounds good.

Pictures Inside The Miracle Lounge Airport Shower

While I didn’t take pictures inside the Novotel shower and locker room, I managed to remember to take pictures of this one inside the airport.

Shower stallHangers for your clothes in the shower roomThe other side of the room in the shower roomslippers and towels in the shower room of miracle loungetoiletries offered in the miracle lounge shower, cotton buds, razor, shower cap, toothbrush set, body lotion, and dryer in the miracle lounger gate G showerbody wash and shampoo in miracle lounge shower inside Gate G shower head and hot water heater inside the miracle lounge shower in G gate

How To Actually Find It + Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did

I was cutting it short to catch my flight because I was starving and wanted to eat first.

So I didn’t have much time in this particular shower.

The hassle was finding the shower itself.

The building takes up 2 floors inside the G gate section with the big words “Miracle Lounge” or something like that.

So it shouldn’t be too hard to find once you’re in that area.

The issue I had was walking through the big main entrance thinking it was the shower place.

I asked for the shower and they said I had to go back out, go up the stairs, and make a left, because that main part was just buffet, lounge, and smoking area.

So I followed the directions and went through the nondescript smaller entrance on the second floor.

I entered what I thought was the main entrance for the second floor and asked for the shower.

They told me I had to go all the way to the last door of the Miracle Building on the second floor.


So I did.

I finally reached the front desk for the showers, FINALLY!

Turns out they’re also the front desk for the smaller upstairs buffet and sleeping rooms.

I paid 350 baht by credit card and showered.

I got on my plane feeling much more refreshed.


If you want to feel more luxurious and happen to be outside the gates, I recommend the Novotel shower for 600 baht ($20 USD).

Use the jacuzzi, hot tub, sauna and sweat the toxins from airplane travel out of your system.

They even have an outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees and a nice breeze.

If you can wait till you’re through the gates of Suvarnabhumi Airport or are already inside the gates, 350 baht ($12 USD) isn’t too bad a deal at Miracle Lounge in G Gate Section.

I hope this helps you during your travels through Thailand! 🙂

Some Resources For Your Travel Through Thailand

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