Some History

Adventure-seekers & FIRE starters

The beginning

“There must be a way out of this rat race,” I remember saying to dad, exasperated. I was 21 years old, and the gap year I had taken during college was coming to an end. I took a year off between my junior and senior year of college to “discover myself,” as the saying goes. I traveled through Thailand to reconnect with my roots, Europe to reconnect with friends, and Canada, because why not?

I thought that when you took time off to “learn more about yourself,” at the end of it, you’re suppose to have a greater understanding of life. But I still had not reached that elusive finality of thought. 

What was a dispirited young man to do? The answer came in a one-two punch of Warren Buffet’s biography, The Snowball, and Robert Kiyosaki’s “Retire Young, Retire Rich” from his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series.

I was bored one day, with nothing to do, when I happened upon a copy of Kiyosaki’s book, collecting dust on a shelf in my basement. Apparently one of my parents had bought it over a decade ago and never read it. I thought, “why not? I have nothing better to do.”

Kiyosaki’s book resonated with me on a deeper level. Finally, here was a book that said what I was thinking; that life can’t be all about work, pension, kids, house, retire, then you die. How morbid was that?

I voraciously devoured his book about getting out of the rat race. I then picked up Buffet’s biography, and after I finished it, I started investing. Even though I lost money the first year and spent way too much money on commissions, it was the invaluable lessons I learned from getting my feet wet that eventually lead me to devouring more books on achieving financial goals.

The Twist

I went back to finish my college degree, and at some point, I remember talking with my girlfriend about being financially free. 

I was at another point in my life where I felt like I was lost, like the motivational energy from Kiyosaki and Buffett were leaving me. 

Then that’s when I discovered an article about these two Canadians who retired at the age of 31. They did what I wanted to do! Work their butts off now, save and invest, then retire early. 

They got out of the rat race! From the article, I discovered that they had their own finance and travel blog and they talked about how they did it and they have sound financial advice.

That started my following of the Millennial Revolution. They’re creating a movement that goes against the ideologies placed on us by the baby-boomers of going to college, getting a job, a house, kids, retire, and die.

Now, in the modern era, we can retire earlier because we have access to all this knowledge of how to do so. Not only that, we have access to the tech that can help us do it way cheaper than the baby boomers.

From the Millennial Revolution, I discovered FIRE. 

FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early.

Ever since I discovered FIRE and the millennial revolution, I’ve now been working on creating different ways for passive income, investments, traveling, pursuing my passions while keeping my feet firmly on the ground and saving money all the while.

I hope to pay it forward with any FIRE knowledge that I acquire.

We’re all in this together, no man is an island. That’s why I now seek to talk with men wiser, richer, and more talented than myself, in the hopes that I can learn from them, and pass that knowledge forward. To become a FIRE starter!

Where we’re at now – adventure seekers & savers

We save a portion of our income to travel and have fun. What, did you think we would just save and invest like miserly old stooges? Not spending a single dime on anything?

Nah, the point of life is to have fun while working on our goals of reaching Financial Independence.

That means balance. Like the scales of life. Being too heavy in any aspect tips the scales and you could end up hurting yourself.

So as of right now, I’m working, saving, investing, and writing about any financial topics I find interesting that could help you save money invest more to get closer to your Financial Independence goal as well 🙂

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One half of the dynamic dream duo.

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