The 1 time Hitler Honored Henry Ford With A medal

The 1 time Hitler Honored Henry Ford With A medal

Going through The Legend of Henry Ford, I found one nugget of history so juicy, I was dying to share it with you.

So apparently the father of American industrialism, Henry Ford, was such an anti-semite that he ran anti-Semitic articles and stories in the local newspaper, which he owned, for years before finally being called out on it in court, to which he apologized and stopped publishing those articles.

This didn’t escape the notice of Herr Hitler, however, who bestowed upon Ford the Hitler medal in 1938. Below, I quote, verbatim, a passage from the book:

In this eleventh hour, moreover, Ford and Hiter were appraising one another in verbal terms that were anything but uncomplimentary. Ford accepted the Hitler medal in 1938. The following year, an American edition of Main Kampf, made its appearance. In this work, the Fuehrer had words of adulation for “but one great man” in the United States. He so honored Henry Ford on the ground that Ford alone had succeeded in defying the Jewish money power of the Americas.

It’s mind-blowing to me that this piece of historical fact between two giants of history isn’t talked about much. We learned about Ford and his factory process in school, but never about this connection to Hitler.

It’s interesting because you never know who will end up reading about your actions. Which is why you should be more aware of them; make them something you will be proud of; something that’ll advance society in a positive direction; that’ll make people happier than they are today.

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