Adventure In South Korea – The Runaway Octopus

Adventure In South Korea – The Runaway Octopus

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After a full day of navigating the subways of Busan, South Korea, our empty stomachs loudly complained for their next meal. JET, prepared as usual, whipped out her Lonely Planet guide.


#1 on the list was the¬†Jagalchi Fish Market at Nampo Port.¬†Let me tell you, it wasn’t kidding when it said¬†fresh.

We encountered row upon row of freshly caught seafood. Ajuma, Korean for older woman, gossiped while scraping fish scales with their knives. The tables were filled with so much seafood, I wondered if there was anything left in the sea.


I doubt there was anything left.


Artfully displayed seafood baskets were ready to take home.


While winding our way towards the end, we noticed quite a bit of movement in one of the buckets.

Making his way from one bucket to the next was an escaping octopus. Let’s call him Octavius.

In one bucket, he was grappling with an octopus twice his size. After untangling himself, he proceeded to slide from one bucket to the next. Reaching out tentatively with his tentacle, he felt land, slipped out, and continued his escape.


He hightailed it as fast as his eight slimy tentacles would drag him. Seeing a photo op, tourists swarmed around him, whipping out their phones.

If life were a Disney movie, I imagine him as the octopus escape artist in Finding Dory. The ajuma stall owners were totally oblivious to the crowd and commotion.


We cheered him on, hoping he would succeed.


Out of nowhere, a businessman with a briefcase broke through the tourists, picked him up, and unceremoniously tossed him back in the bucket.

The tourists stood there dumfounded, their instagram fodder snatched from under their noses.

The businessman flicked slime from his wrist and vanished as suddenly as he appeared. I imagine him later smelling his hand and being like, “Ugh, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Octavius, shocked from being thrown in a bucket, didn’t seem to be attempting another escape.

With a few backward glances, we emerged from the seemingly endless stalls.

As we made our way to the indoor fish market, and dinner, I entertained a story where Octavius would try to escape only to have the businessman throw him back in. Like a Korean Sisyphean curse, they would continue like this forever.

To be continued…

Jack The Dreamer, over and out!

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