When Is It Appropriate To Be On Your Phone When Hanging With Your Significant Other?

When Is It Appropriate To Be On Your Phone When Hanging With Your Significant Other?

I was walking with my girlfriend one cold Fall night and I reached into her coat pocket to hold her hand only to find that there was only enough space for one hand and her cell phone.

We awkwardly tried to hold hands in the warmth of her coat pocket with the phone between our hands before we decided to do the right thing and move the phone to her other pocket before we continued holding hands.

We both laughed about it but this isn’t the first time that tech has come up in our conversations when we’re going out.

When we go out to eat, we notice over and over again couples that are both sitting there on their phones ignoring each other.

Maybe these people have been together all day and “need some down time.”

Maybe they’re too shy to talk to the person in front of them so they’re hiding behind their phones.

Maybe they’re just business colleagues and are sending important emails.

We don’t know anything about these people.

We just assume that they are are couples from how they interact with each other.

We don’t know their story or why they’re on their phones.

It could be something important, but it brings up a bigger question.

When is it appropriate to be on your phone when you’re out with your significant other?

My girlfriend would say, “It’s never an appropriate time to be on your phone when you’re on a date with me.”

And I would say, “It depends on the situation.”

When does the tech between us become too much?

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