Exploring Tokyo Disney For The First Time
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Exploring Tokyo Disney For The First Time

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It was Easter weekend in Tokyo. I woke up and looked out the window, staring in dismay at the rain and overcast skies. I saw faint outlines of the Shibuya skyscrapers through the blanket of grey mist.

“Hey Jaz, instead of today, can we go to Tokyo Disney tomorrow when it’s not raining?” I asked even though I knew the answer was going to be no because that would derail our tight, one week, schedule in Tokyo.

We went to the local 7/11 store, which are everywhere in Tokyo, and bought two ponchos for only a couple of yen, probably less than $5 USD. This turned out to be a very good call because Disney-themed ponchos in Tokyo Disney were over $15 USD each when we got there.

We usually slept-in while backpacking Japan, so it felt weird to be up early and dressed for Tokyo Disney while standing on the platform with hundreds of Japanese businessmen in their suits 👨‍✈️👨‍💼

IMG_0158.jpgWe took the JR train from Yoyogi to the Maihama station. It took approximately 40 minutes to get there. What was funny was that as the train got closer and closer to Tokyo Disney, the amount of Japanese businessmen were replaced by hordes of Japanese housewives and their kids, high schoolers, and young adults.

It looked like a lot of students were ditching school to go to Tokyo Disney.

When we arrived at the station, I thought we would be right at the park entrance but found out that we had to take the Disney Monorail to the entrance.

We had to pay a couple more yen for the monorail tickets.

We had been to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida before but Tokyo Disney was on a whole other level.

I’ll condense all recommendations at the end.

The monorail is fun, very colorful, with artsy Disney themed designs, beautifully crafted, round, Mickey ears handlebars. The couches were soft and luscious inside the monorail and there was no conductor. So we were able to get right up inside the nose of the monorail for a full frontal view of the park.

Tokyo Disney Monorail


booked a 2-day pass to allow us time to enjoy the rides, the park, and the atmosphere without rushing to complete anything and I’m glad we did. On the first day, it was wet and rainy and on the second day, it was beautiful and perfect.

Everything was beautifully Easter themed!

Totally easter time


‘t realize till later in the day was that our favorite Disney characters were hidden throughout the park in EASTER EGG FORM!

He was already big and round…


l amazingly packed for a rainy day. The moment we walked into the Main Street area, a marching band walks right into the center and kicks off our day oh-so-beautifully.

In the grand corridor with a marching band


er crowds while taking pictures today though. The next day would be the complete opposite…

Beautiful castle with a beautiful girl on a beautiful day


d very beneficial from going on a rainy day was that we focused on the indoor rides and attractions, like the Star Wars Ride, which had lower wait times than usual. By going to the popular attractions today, we were able to focus on different outdoor aspects of the park the next day when it was sunny.


No one tells you this but Tokyo Disney has palm trees because it’s so warm year round!


ng to Tokyo Disney, we had gone to DisneyWorld in Orlando the year before and I don’t remember the magic kingdom ever having super cool pastries like the ones they had at Tokyo Disney.

What I LOVE about the Japanese food culture is that they take such pride, care, and attention to their food. You can taste the love and attention to detail they pay with their food.

OMG Mike Buns


ent_1096″ align=”alignnone” width=”4032″]IMG_0155 Literally dying from all the cuteness[/caption]

first day was a lot of eating, can you tell?

It was nice to be able to sample things while the lines were short so we knew what we liked when we came back the next day.

The one thing I would do differently when we go back to Tokyo Disney would be to bring much more money for food! And to go there more hungry so I could eat more pastries and dishes!

There’s just so much to eat! And the foods are also more Asian-oriented and friendly, like Mickey Mouse style meat buns!

Their Asian meat buns are amazing!


ent_1097″ align=”alignnone” width=”2320″]IMG_0175 Disney is so cute[/caption]

dations:Book a 2-day ticket to lessen time burden.

  • If you go on a rainy day, the coveted Crystal Palace Buffet restaurant won’t have any lines so you can actually go in. When we went the day after, it was a sunny day and no spaces were open, whereas the rainy day before was completely available.
  • Bring a book or download game apps to play on your phone and bring a power bank to charge your phone. This helps keep you sane in the long lines. We downloaded Gardenscapes and it was great, lol.

Have you been to Tokyo Disney? What would you recommend? Any tips, tricks, or hacks? Please let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading, Jack The Dreamer, over and out!

P.S. You can get the Lonely Planet Tokyo Guide on Amazon.

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