Here are some tools to help you reach financial independence, your dreams, and beyond 🙂

Disclaimer: These are just my opinions and remember that none of this should be constituted as legal advice of any kind. I am not responsible for your actions. Consult financial advisors before you make big life choices with your money.

Other Disclaimer: Some of the tools I mention are hyperlinked with my affiliate account, and in some cases we could both get bonuses, in some cases, I just get a commission.

I only recommend tools that I have used before, and will update these periodically:

  1. Robinhood

    If you like trading stocks, Robinhood offers free stock trading, no minimums needed to open. 2 software engineers got backing from Google to create this to democratize stock trading because big brokerage firms were screwing over individual small mom and pop investors by charging $10 a trade. Absurd to think about it now.

  1. Wealthfront

    (click here for invite link and we both get $5000 managed more for free)  I use this to spread my mutual fund money around so it’s not just tied up in Vanguard SP500 mutual fund. So far, it’s up more than Vanguard for the same time period because they also do tax-loss harvesting for you. Costs $500 to make an account the last time I checked.


  1. Vanguard 

    The SP500 index mutual fund classic. I diversify between this and Wealthfront to hedge my bets in case one or the other fails, GASP!