Why Financial Independence Is Like Planting A Tree

Why Financial Independence Is Like Planting A Tree

Financial Independence is a lot like planting a tree.

You normally plant when the tree is small. In this case, say you start with a small investment account.

You water the tree = you put money into this investment account.

You water it and you water it, but the tree looks like it’s barely growing.

Year after year, it really looks like the tree is taking forever to grow.

You start to get dismayed.

“Did I pick the right tree to plant? Did I water it enough? Does the soil have enough nutrients?”

Then, instead of watering it yourself, you set up an automated sprinkler/watering system and set-and-forget it, because, and let’s be honest, you probably got bored of tree-watching at some point.

After a couple more years, you are coming home from work one day and, “Holy sh*t Batman, there’s an F-ing tree in the middle of my lawn!”

That’s why Financial Independence is a lot like planting a tree.

It’s slow going, and just as you can’t force a tree to grow faster than nature allows it, so must you be patient and allow your investments to grow.

You invest not to enjoy your investments now, but later, when it grows into a tall and mighty tree that will be able to provide you with shade and shelter for the rest of your days.

Just have patience.

P.S. Remember that you won’t have a tree to enjoy in the future if you don’t plant one now. So open up an investment account! Here’s my Wealthfront link so you can get $5,000 managed more for free. (Note, if you choose to open your own Wealthfront without the link, you won’t get that $5,000).

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