Why Gratitude Will Help Your Finances – From a Spiritual POV

Why Gratitude Will Help Your Finances – From a Spiritual POV


In The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, she talked about how you attract and receive what you send off to the universe.  If you’re constantly sending out thoughts of “how can I survive this week till the next paycheck?” then you’re going to keep living that way.

Recently, I happened upon a thought about cultivating an attitude of gratitude and how donating money to causes that I feel grateful for actually helps to bring more money into my life.

I realized that giving doesn’t have to be huge in order to start sending out good signals to the universe. It can be a more manageable amount that equates to you forgoing a cup of coffee for one day per month. For example, I started my acts of monetary gratitude by donating $5 to the biology department where I went to college because I appreciated the professor there.

Even though I had $40 that week to survive on, donating that $5 made me feel happy knowing that it was going to the biology department of the professor who I highly appreciated and admired.

And lo and behold, (not saying that it was a direct correlation but I would like to think that it was) my life started to financially improve. I started making better stock choices; books on financial independence and leadership started to appear in my life, and reading them helped me improve my circumstances even more.

My credit card bills got smaller, my investments grew, and I was feeling less financially anxious.

I kept making donations, $5 here, $10 there. Occasionally, I would be able to up my donations to $20. $20 whole freakin’ dollars! Yay!

I would like to think that because I was sending messages out to the universe that “I have more than enough money, please have some of mine,” the universe was able to send circumstances and opportunities back to me that resulted in perpetuating more of this thought of “I have more than enough money, please have some of mine.”

So from a spiritual POV, I currently feel monetarily less anxious than I was all those years ago and I think that by applying this attitude of gratitude and giving “monetary appreciation,” you can also attract more money and financial opportunities into your life so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

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